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Is your FaceBook Company page doing all it can for you? Some of you may not even have a company page yet. If not, you’re missing another opportunity to rank well in search engines and another way to reach your target audience. If you don’t know anyone who uses FaceBook, you live in a cave. Your customers use it. So you need to have a presence there.

It’s easy to create a company page. Once you have done so there are even FaceBook Templates you can use to spice it up a little. Just do a search for FaceBook Templates in your favorite search engine.

OK, I have a FaceBook Company Page and found a template I like. What’s next?

Once you get a few likes you can get a custom URL. So instead of a set of numbers like, it will be You can also add a keyphrase in your custom URL. Once you create your custom URL, you are stuck with it, so think about what you want there.

Next you need to add content to your wall. There are tools like that will help automatically update FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter whenever you make a new blog post. But that is not enough. You need to go to your FaceBook page and share videos you uploaded to YouTube, articles that you have online somewhere and other things that will interest your targeted audience.

That doesn’t mean you have to put all of the content there. You can do a summary, then link to the content wherever it is on the web. part of Internet Marketing is the ability to get people to click links and follow where you guide them.

Once there, you need to make sure they are finding something truly of interest to them. Do not mislead people into following your recommendations. There are a ton of so-called marketers that think if they can trick someone into doing something or buying something that they are somehow a great marketer.

Great marketers tell you the truth and still make the sale. They don’t need tricks. So make sure you create quality content and recommend it to your FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn followers.

Adding content to your wall is easy. If you are writing a short summary you can just add it. If you want to write more, use the link that says NOTES in your sidebar.

Next make sure you use the INFO tab to add more information about you and your company.

That’s just some basic tips on how to SEO your FaceBook Page. There is a lot more you can do. But if you haven’t even done the things I mentioned here, you’re not ready for more yet. Call me at 512-322-9566 if you need help or you are ready to do more with your FaceBook Company Page.

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  1. Hi! You are right about face book company page. it is good for high page rank in Google search engine. thanks for sharing.

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  4. SEO says:

    I would like to start by saying thank you, and I think it is cool you put you number- it really shows that you are there to help.

    But, I wish there was a final section of this post because I am having more trouble getting followers, and understanding how to get friends or even likes on Facebook.

    I have got a few twitter followers but I feel like they were just random, possibly spammers or something? I do need to do more research into this part of social media although you did a great job in covering the intial setup of a Facebook account.

    Thanks for taking the time.
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  5. Your welcome to call anytime for a free consultation.

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