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WordPress Is The Fastest Growing Blogging Platform

I love it when someone famous validates what I do. Such was the case recently when Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim fame printed a list of the most used blogging platforms:

1. Blogger – 34,104,000 users – up 58% from last year
2. WordPress – 11,440,000 users – up 444% from last year (wow!)
3. Six Apart TypePad – 10,601,000 – up 20 % from last year
4. – 7,107,000 – up 10%
5. LiveJournal – 3,366,000 – up 27%

The numbers are according to recent Nielsen ratings. But you can see that WordPress is the fastest growing blogging platform on the market right now. Over 400% growth in one year. If they grow at the same rate this year (not likely, by the way) then WP could overtake Blogger within a year-and-a-half.

These statistics are not why BCP uses WordPress. We use the blogging platform because it has great features that allow us to serve our customers so well – to provide the SEO benefits we offer and to make writing and posting the blogs easier and more manageable. The validation from Beal came when he said:

Blogger has a huge lead but I wonder how many of those are active and not spam scraper sites? I remember the days when it seemed LiveJournal was the tool to use for blogging, but I instead went with Blogger. Now I’m a true WordPress convert.

I agree with the statement about Blogger. I’ve got two Blogger accounts that I don’t even use any more. One has just been sitting there since August 2004. It’s still there and no one has used it. That begs the question, How many other abandoned Blogger blogs are out there that are being included in these user numbers? It’s possible that WordPress actually has more active users than Blogger. And it would be easy to see why.

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2 Responses to “WordPress Is The Fastest Growing Blogging Platform”

  1. Andy Beal says:

    Good point. When I switched from Blogger to WordPress, I don’t think I actually deleted the old blog – it’s probably sitting out there on a blogspot domain just wasting away. 😉

  2. namecritic says:

    How many of those stats for wordpress are blogs? The reason I ask is that is not the same as using wordpress on your own domain name and hosting.

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