Technorati’s State Of The Blogosphere Tells A Different Story

Every year, Technorati publishes its State of the Blogosphere report. While I don’t follow it religiously, I do think it provides some useful information. This year’s report tells a little different story than past reports have told. Here are some interesting stats in the first of the series (the report will be published as a series of five over the next few days):

  • 63% of active bloggers are 25-44 years old
  • U.S. bloggers have a higher education and earn more money than the general Internet population
  • Bloggers are spread out geographically and not concentrated in large urban areas
  • More than 50% of bloggers are non-U.S. residents
  • More than 75,000 bloggers have a Technorati Authority over 50
  • 45% of all blogs have a Technorati Authority of at least 1
  • 46% of all bloggers are professional bloggers
  • 12% of blogs are corporate blogs
  • 51% of bloggers have set up more than one blog

Some of these measurements are difficult to analyze as a trend because Technorati didn’t measure them before now. But I like the 46% number for professional bloggers because that indicates a clear rise in professional blogging. I didn’t see a number for that category in last year’s report, but I’m quite certain that it wasn’t at 46%.

The growth of our own business since that time is an indication of that. Meanwhile, corporate blogs are growing too, but not nearly as fast as professional blogs on the whole. In October 2004, Technorati counted 5,000 corporate blogs. With Technorati tracking millions of blogs, that number has surely gone up since then. In April 2007, Technorati report tracking 70 million blogs, which would mean that 8.4 million were corporate blogs (12%) if the same percentage applied then (I’m betting that it was less than 12%).

What’s This Mean For Business Blogging?
So what does all of this mean? Well, I think it means two things for anyone in business who is also doing business online.

    No. 1, it means that competition is growing. By this time next year there will be a number of competitors in your niche no matter what niche you are in and there will be more competitors than there are today.
    No. 2, business blogging is an essential marketing tool. You can say that blogging is now mainstream. But not just blogging, business blogging. Every day, more and more business blogs come online. By this time next year, if you haven’t started a blog to promote your business then ranking well in the search engines for your important keywords will be much more difficult than it is today.

If you haven’t started your professional business blog yet then find out today what it takes to have a blog that your company can be proud of.

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