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Article Submissions And Your Resource Box

Do you write articles and submit them to article directories. What does your resource box look like? There are two issues that often strike me as being a waste of the resource box.

The first of these is the “who are you” aspect. I have read your article, liked it and now I want to know about you. Your resource box is the perfect place to tell me about you. With a little more knowledge about you, I may decide yo check out other articles that you havr written.

Issue number two.  The links in your resource box send me to your affiliate page or to a page where the article I have just read is located. Why? I want to read more of what you to have to offer, not see your affiliates and why send me back to the article I have just read.

Your resource box is the perfect place to tell me why I should read more of what you have written. If I have just read an article on grooming cats, tell me about your history with cats. If you have been a cat breeder for 20 years – tell me. If you have a cat site or blog – tell me. That is what the resource box is all about.

When it comes to links. Send me to a page that has something worth reading. If you have affiliates you want to promote, by all means put the banners in the side bar or within the content. The page you send me to should be a related article, after cat grooming, perhaps clipping their nails. Either that or to a page that has a summary of the articles you have written so I can pick and choose where I want to go.

The resource box is the perfect place to complete the ‘sale’ to your reader to get them to your website. You just need to provide the right information to ‘close’ that sale. On many article directories, the resource box can also act to feed link juice back to your pages so by choosing your link page carefully yo can help to increase the rankings of that page.

Your resource box is single biggest asset you have outside the article itself. Maximize to your benefit and you will be surprised with the results. Use it poorly and you might just as well not bothered to submit the article in the first place.

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