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We’ve been writing blogs for our clients for a number of years now. We used to advocate for daily blogging, at least one post per day. At that time, Google indexed things and rewarded factors that were geared more toward the amount of content, the frequency of posts and the keywords used.

Over the past couple of years, things have changed dramatically. For Google and search engines in general to stay relevant, they had to integrate social media aspects into their ranking systems.

Think of it this way; People go to social media websites to hang out and share links, info, images, etc. People go to a search engine to find the answer to a problem or something else they need. And even those things are sometimes found by asking the people in their social network.

As a result, we no longer recommend that you need to post daily content or even content on a regular schedule of any kind. Exceptions; If you publish news, an ezine or something along those lines, you do have a schedule, but with company blogs, you can relax a little.

The key now is writing higher quality blog posts that will be interesting to your target audience. Adding images, infographics, video, animations and more to make your blog post more appealing and more likely to get shared by people in your social network.

With daily blogging, you might write an amazing blog post today that people really liked, then tomorrow, because you are “supposed” to make another post, you’re going to push that amazing blog post down the page on your blog a little. The next day, you’ll push it down more and eventually push it off the front page of your blog. Why?

Write a high-quality blog post. Take the time to select a great topic. Make sure you actually have something to say that will interest your target audience. Then write great content and dress it up before you publish. Then promote that on your social networks along with posting all of the other hopefully interesting stuff you tweet or post on a regular basis.

Monitor your analytics. The number of visitors to that blog post each day and where they are coming from. Keep promoting that blog posts until the analytics tell you it’s no longer bringing in the traffic you need or at least it’s dropping off.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

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